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The Dynamic in Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy by Clover Southwell.
Clover met Mona-Lisa Boyesen in 1973 and was her client until she moved to Holland. By then Gerda Boyesen was running groups at the Churchill Centre and Ebba Boyesen was teaching Energy Distribution. As well as being heavily involved there, Clover also taught in Boyesen trainings in Germany and France and in other programs abroad.

Keeping Your Sacrum More Sacred – workshop by Gabriele Gad.
Gabriele Gad dipl. psych, psychotherapist, spiritual healer and jazz musician came to London in 1981. For the last 30 years Gabriele has been running a private practice in South London. She trained with psychologist Gerda Boyesen for six years in Munich and London. Gabriele has held various workshops about Energy in Balance, Biodynamic Massage and Vocal Expression.

Revisiting Gerda Boyesen’s Theory of Psycho-peristalsis by Carlien van Heel.
Carlien moved to London in January 1985 to study at the Gerda Boyesen Centre. She continued learning from Gerda Boyesen till her death in 2005. Carlien has worked as a Biodynamic psychotherapist in private practice since 1987 and was a member of the LSBP training committee and LSBP trainer from 2001- 2013. She was a co-director of LSBP between 2010 – 2013. She gained an MA in Bodypsychotherapy from the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge in 2014.


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