The Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy Conference 2014 (set)


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The Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy

Conference of the Center for Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy 2014 in London, features leading voices from within the Body Psychotherapy community. The conference has been professionally recorded and is now available to purchase both as DVD and as online/stream.

Speakers and talks include:

Post-Modernistic View of Biodynamic Psychology by Dr Elya Steinberg MD.

Dr Elya Steinberg, MD, is Co-Director of the Centre for Biodynamic Psychotherapy (London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy). She is a biodynamic psychotherapist, integrating body-psychotherapy (on disc 1).

Biodynamic and Mind by Siegfried Bach

Born 1953, Biodynamic Psychotherapist and Trainer, Siegfried Bach works as a Clinical Psychologist in Germany. He trained in the first regular biodynamic training group in the “Centre for Bioenergy” starting 1977. Ten years later he became a trainer in the “Gerda Boyesen International Institute”  (on disc 1).

Reclaiming our Menstrual Cycle by Sarah Rosella

Trained in Biodynamic Psychotherapy at LSBP, she has been working in private practice in London and Hampshire for the past six years. She is in the midst of a feminine spiritual awakening, which has intensified her connection to nature and woman’s instinctive, heart and womb led knowing as a path to our divinity and creativity (on disc 2).

The Dynamic in Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy by Clover Southwell.

Clover met Mona-Lisa Boyesen in 1973 and was her client until she moved to Holland. By then Gerda Boyesen was running groups at the Churchill Centre and Ebba Boyesen was teaching Energy Distribution. As well as being heavily involved there, Clover also taught in Boyesen trainings in Germany and France and in other programs abroad (on disc 3).

Keeping Your Sacrum More Sacred – workshop by Gabriele Gad.

Gabriele Gad dipl. psych, psychotherapist, spiritual healer and jazz musician came to London in 1981. For the last 30 years Gabriele has been running a private practice in South London. She trained with psychologist Gerda Boyesen for six years in Munich and London. Gabriele has held various workshops about Energy in Balance, Biodynamic Massage and Vocal Expression (on disc 3).

Revisiting Gerda Boyesen’s Theory of Psycho-peristalsis by Carlien van Heel.

Carlien moved to London in January 1985 to study at the Gerda Boyesen Centre. She continued learning from Gerda Boyesen till her death in 2005. Carlien has worked as a Biodynamic psychotherapist in private practice since 1987 and was a member of the LSBP training committee and LSBP trainer from 2001- 2013. She was a co-director of LSBP between 2010 – 2013. She gained an MA in Bodypsychotherapy from the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge in 2014 (on disc 3).

The Birth of the Healing Process in a Shared Womb by Yael Shahar

Yael is Biodynamic Psychotherapist trainee with LSBP also completing two years of post-graduation training in Relational Body-Psychotherapy (IMT). In addition to her private practice, Yael is volunteering at three charities dealing with mental health. Since 2009 Yael has been working with infants and young children on the autism spectrum, offering early intervention therapy through reciprocal play (Mifne Method) (on disc 4).

The Client as Self-Healer by Daniel Tanguay.

Daniel is a literature graduate of the University of Trois-Rivières, Québec. In 1990, he moved to London to train in biodynamic psychotherapy at the Gerda Boyesen Centre. In 2008, he was awarded his Masters degree in Jungian studies at the University of Essex (UK) on the subject of Meaning, Healing and the Principle of Synchronicity. He has a private practice in London (on disc 4).

‘Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy – an Overview’
by Ebba Boyesen (30 Mins)

Ebba Boyesen gives an overview of the context of Gerda Boyesen’s work; how it is related to the work of Freud and Reich, the way it developed and continues in the present (on disc 5).

Each of the disc’s can be purchased and are streamed separately here:-

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