How to Have A BabY



Whole Being Films are delighted to offer a great new book by leading Doula Natalie Meddings called ‘How To Have A BabY, mother-gathered guidance on birth and new babies’. Meddings draws on many years successfully supporting women in birth. She has gathered experience, along with women’s stories to lay a kind path for new mothers. Step by readying step, she leads them through preparation in pregnancy, birth itself, and onto the first days and weeks with their newborn. Natalie’s gift is a willingness to fully ‘go the distance’ in supporting a labouring woman and her family towards the best possible outcome for the family in relationship – this book reflects that willingness.

‘We don’t need long paragraphs to convince anyone that Natalie is the prototype of the women who can speak and write with authority about childbirth:a mother who gave birth herself to three children and an experienced doula – Michel Odent

‘My partner was recommended the book by her yoga teacher. We are both reading it to each other at night – she loves it and has been recommending it everywhere we go! Baby is due in April! I think she is trying to insist her midwife reads it so that they are on the same page… quite literally!’.



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