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is a video production company which operates with Whole Being Films, specialising in film, recordings and broadcast camerawork. Our background is in broadcast television camerawork for clients such as ITV, BBC News, Channel Four, CNBC and many others.  We bring high quality lighting and camera operating as well as production and editing for long and short form productions. Our Independent films include The Healing of Birth, (see below) a 52 minute documentary about remarkable new therapeutic approaches.

Recent work for TV (Mid 2018) – camerawork for TVNZ with Cher.

and an interview with the PM with a team from CNBC ducking Brexit Questions!

We have directed, produced and edited corporate films for Cunard, Investec Asset Management as well as a wide range of contemporary spiritual teachers including Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Gangaji and Dr Robert Holden to name a few. Recent projects include short independent films for the international conference; Healthy Birth Healthy Earth at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland and short films for The Epic Approach/PDTR. We are in development with several international Pregnancy and Birth related projects.
We are pleased to support your television production, camerawork and online design project. Contact us at: info@owlproductions.net
Here are some samples:

Cave Wisdom was written, directed, presented and produced by Elmer Postle Owl Productions’ Director. It features pioneering obstetrician Michel Odent addressing changes in approaches to childbirth from the neolithic era to the present.

Owl Productions has made several promotional/branding films for Investec Asset Management, a large asset manager in the City of London. Our credits are for the whole production process and the films have been used online as well as to introduce investor conferences worldwide.

Owl Productions has made several films for travel companies including the luxury cruise company, Cunard. Our involvement was from the initial branding discussions through script, direction and shooting, post-production. Our other films for Cunard celebrate the inauguration of the Queen Elizabeth, their newest ship, in a variety of contexts. This film (above) was described by the head of marketing at Cunard as ‘the most Cunard film we have ever had’. 

This is an example of a popular short, passionate interview for use online. We have made many clips for online presentations for many clients.

The Healing of Birth started life as The Psychology of Birth. An independently produced documentary, it has influenced, informed and supported the field of pregnancy, midwifery and birth support for over ten years. Owl Productions director Elmer Postle wrote shot directed and co-produced this film.

If you would like to see further examples or would like a quote on some work Owl Productions may be able to help you with, please contact: info@owlproductions.net

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