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Whole Being Films Production: We offer production, camerawork, live streaming and editing to help you realise your vision.

Virtual and Hybrid Conferences.
Whole Being Films are here in support of your online or hybrid conference. Whether it’s 30 or 3000 attendees, your event can work dynamically and successfully with your constituency in the online environment. Whole Being Films have been involved in the recording and broadcasting of many inspiring conferences. Bringing our production skills in online and broadcast work, we are able to support a smooth and excellent experience for the participant whether they are engaging live or on catch-up. Some organisers are choosing interactive platforms that allow delegates to connect in an intuitive way and others are using our production approach to present a smooth livestream, with expert transitions, to a large gathering.
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Some webcam tips:
If you are setting up to work from home, here are some tips on how to optimise your online presence for Zoom/Skype/Facetime etc. Contact us for a free telephone consult on how to optimise your work online.

  • Try where possible to have the camera on your computer at eye level (height) to you. This gives a sense of ‘being-on-the-level’ and can support trust. You may need to put your laptop onto a box or similar.
  • Where possible use a microphone system so the sound going into the computer comes from a microphone positioned near the top button or the neck of your top, ie close to your mouth and the sound coming out of it. Its more restful for the listener if your sound is good.
  • Have a neutral background behind you – not a window.
  • Have light on your face that illuminates but not so bright it makes you scrunch up your eyes.
  • Make sure you can do the call and not be disturbed by other family members.
  • Establish you have a reliable online link by testing the speed with Ookla/Speedtest.
Some of our recent clients:


Above: a recent promotional clip for a conference run by the British Fascia Symposium.

Here (below) is an example of short promotional film intended for the internet, website and conferences. This film was completed in February 2020 for Somatic Body Mapping director Annette Schwalbe. Working with Annette and her assistant Andrea Wright we shot for a weekend and edited over several months.

Based in London UK, we bring high production values to everything we do.
Our background is in broadcast television with clients such as the BBC, CNBC, ITV, C4, ITN and a host of international broadcasters. Whole Being Films Production brings a creative and practical approach to a range of subjects.
Please contact:  or call +44 (0) 7785 92679SIX for more information or to make an enquiry.

Recent work for TV includes celebrity interviews, sporting occasions, royal weddings, presidential visits as well as political lives for European/UK and US broadcasters.

Making independent documentaries gives us the ability to delve deeply into a subject to tell an essential story. Whole Being Films shot and produced this feature-length documentary; ‘It’s A Life’, directed by Denis Postle (2017). Here is the whole film!

Facilities: We have equipment in-house, with matched camera’s, quality lighting and sound kit as well as adaptability for different venues. We can stream to websites and social media simultaneously, using cell/sim based internet connections. We work across Europe and edit with Premiere Pro.

Recording a short, carefully crafted video for online, a multi-camera conference with 1000 people or planning your documentary, we can offer skills and insight to support your project. Your Video, Your Way.

Promotional Films.
We have made a series of promotional/branding films for Investec Asset Management, a large asset manager in the City of London. Our credits are for the whole production process. The films have been used online as well as to introduce investor conferences worldwide.

We have also made several films for travel companies including the luxury cruise company, Cunard. Our involvement in these films was from the initial branding discussions through script, direction, shoot and post-production integrating many film sources. Other films for Cunard celebrated the inauguration of the Queen Elizabeth, their newest ship. The ‘Brand Movie’ (below) was described by Cunard’s head of marketing as ‘the most Cunard film we have ever had’.

We have been involved with many inspirational and educational conferences. These have ranged from recordings of workshops to large events with thousands of participants: Continuing professional development material for healers, psychotherapists, counsellors, those interested in Pregnancy and Birth. Our work has included creating live stream, onsite tangible recording for sale to participants to take away and carefully edited programmes. You can see many of these in the Whole Being Films catalogue. Our partners in these projects include: Action Trauma, British Fascia Symposium, Khiron House, PESIUK, The Findhorn Foundation, (Scotland), Human Baby, Human Being and Breath of Life. Please call to see examples of our work in this field.

(Above)  A promotional clip for Virtual Trauma 2020.

This (below) is ‘Cave Wisdom’, a short conference promotional film for the International Conference; ‘Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth’ at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland, 2016. Elmer Postle, Director of Whole Being Films co-led the event and made the film.  It features pioneering obstetrician Michel Odent addressing changes in approaches to childbirth from the neolithic era to the present.

Long-form interviews and recordings.

‘A Dialogue on Forgiveness’ is an edited, two hour production with Tom Carpenter and Dr Robert Holden and is an example of an interview for online/tangible distribution.

Further Documentary:
The Healing of Birth, made by Whole Being Films, has influenced, informed and supported the field of pregnancy, midwifery and birth support for over ten years. Whole Being Films’ director, Elmer Postle, co-produced this film.

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