Drama of Perfectionist Parents by T Harms



Narcissistic Problems within early Parent-Infant Psychotherapy

Duration 5hrs 30 Mins approx.

Working with perfectionist parents is a real challenge. Narcissistic parents will show a very weak state of contact with their babies, they have high expectations how their children , and their professional helpers have to be. Perfectionist parents have a hard time with body-oriented approaches and getting in contact with the flow of their body sensations

In this workshop, the body-psychotherapist Thomas Harms will show how to work with narcissistic parents and to improve their capacities to attune with the needs, emotions and behaviour of their infants. Also he will discuss the therapeutic traps we walk in when we are confronted with parental idealisation and grandiosity within Parent-Baby-Therapy.


Thomas Harms lives and works in Bremen, Germany and has been working in the field of body psychotherapy for over 25 years with adults, couples and infants. He founded, with his wife Karin Meyer-Harms, an outpatient clinic,the Centre for Primary Prevention and Body Psychotherapy (ZePP) and in 1993 the Crybaby Clinic in Berlin.


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