The Breath – the Key to Relaxation and Peace of Mind


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Breathing Into Healing, A Meditation on
The Breath

The Key to relaxation and Peace of Mind
by Binnie A Dansby

“A thought planted in the mind, nourished by the breath, takes root in the heart of every cell in the body”
The respiratory system is the most fundamental of all the sustaining systems in the human body. The constant, connected breathing evokes our primal connection with the rhythm of all life. That rhythm never stops. As you breathe with the CD, you create balance and harmony in mind and body. When you breathe oxygen enters the lungs, where it is received by the blood and carried to the cells. Fresh oxygen flushes carbon dioxide and toxins from the cells to be released through the lungs.

“Breath is the junction point between mind body and spirit. Every change of mental state is reflected in the breath and then in the body.” Deepak Chopra

4 tracks: 15 minutes each. The first has conscious, connected breathing with affirmations. Each additional track has just the breathing to support your relaxation.

Voices: Binnie A. Dansby and Vern Yates
Breathing: Binnie A Dansby and Ness Carroll

© 2016 Binnie A. Dansby – All Rights Reserved

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