Tom and Linda Carpenter – The Forgiveness Movement


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Tom and Linda Carpenter
Teachings on forgiveness based in the teachings of ‘A Course In Miracles’
‘The Forgiveness Movement’ – 5 DVD’s

‘As forgiveness removes illusions of guilt from our perception of the world we now see, a different awareness of love’s Presence becomes available, replacing images of separation that have appeared to make pain and suffering seem real. Forgiveness allows real peace to be known once again.’ Tom Carpenter

Tom Carpenter, inspired to create The Forgiveness Network, is a spiritual teacher and counsellor whose primary inspiration is the metaphysical text, A Course In Miracles and its Source. With his wife Linda, Tom has published ‘Dialogue on Awakening’ and CD’s of their work together. These products are available on their websites: and



This DVD set represents a unique opportunity to learn about forgiveness.
USA/Universal Format, 7 hrs Approx

Tom and Linda Carpenter – The Forgiveness Movement


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