The Parsifal Myth: An Archetypal Commentary


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The Parsifal Myth: An Archetypal Commentary

with Robert Moore Ph.D. Author of ‘King, Warrior, Magician, Lover’

Recorded at the Findhorn Foundation In Scotland
This unique double DVD features Dr Robert Moore’s commentary on the epic Parsifal myth. A timely and pertinent aide to navigating the territory of troubled youth as well as masculine psychology.

Leading Jungian Analyst Dr Moore offers us insights into masculine psychology that are useful and valuable both to men and to women.
In addition to key insights on youth violence, seen here for the first time on DVD is Dr Moore’s analysis that men move in mid-life towards the ‘lover’ archetype from the ‘warrior’, as women move toward expressing the ‘warrior’ archetype.

This informative and inspiring programme, was recorded recording at the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community in the North of Scotland.
The 2 DVD set also uniquely features the entire Parsifal myth read by Dr Moore with Michael Boyle, Richard Olivier and Robin Alfred of Olivier Mythodrama. There are key segments of the myth shown in rehearsal. In addition; there is an 8 minute film, ‘New Ways With Blades’ which explores the mentoring of young men featuring Dr Moore.
This 2 DVD presentation is a must for those interested in psychology, archetypal and Jungian Psychology as well as ‘mens studies’.

Price: GBP 20.00 NTSC region free (will play on nearly all UK, Aus, and European machines)
Duration 3.5 Hrs, Widescreen


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