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This is the Whole Being Films sponsored product page. USE THE COUPON ‘wbfree’ at the checkout to pay nothing for accessing this page. Here you will find a wide range of products from Whole Being Films that we are choosing to make available to the public at no cost. At the checkout just use the coupon ‘wbfree’ and you will get a link to the page where you can watch for as long as you want – just log-in when you want to catch up.
There is some great stuff here thats not available on the internet and this free page will be added to. Includes: A Dialogue on Forgiveness with Dr. Robert Holden and Tom Carpenter (1hr 43)  Michael Shea Interview (1 hr), Binnie A Dansby Interview (1hr), Debra Pascali Bonaro on Pleasurable Birth (2+hrs), Michel Odent on the Long term consequences of how we are born, Sarah Buckley on Happy Babies

  1. BinnieDansby2015Birthing the Beloved with Binnie A Dansby. (see also: Breathing into Healing series) Binnie is an extraordinary Philosopher, teacher and author whose life work has focussed on healing idea’s we may have generated about life, at the start of life. So often the circumstances of our births can impress on us that believing ‘the world is not safe’ or that we are ‘not supported’ is a useful modus operandi. It may have been useful once, for a time. Due to the nature of how bonding and imprinting takes place in the human being, however these imprints can endure when we actually want to embrace more in life than is specified by these idea’s. Binnie presents a coherent and phenomenally useful way of working with these idea’s and beliefs. She presents her archetypal affirmations based around the Chakra system of energy centers. She enables us to lift the lid on our expectations of life and embrace joy and love in liberating ways. See also other products by Binnie on Whole Being Films. See also www.binnieadansby.com 1 Hr
  2. M Shea 2Michael Shea – Heart Interview from the product The Heart, Stillness and Embodied Compassion. Michael Shea is a leading teacher of the subtle yet powerful healing mode of Craniosacral Therapy. His particular interest’s include how the heart forms embryologically and what an understanding of this early development can do to help Craniosacral practice. As a student of the Dalai Lama, he has undertaken study to develop practices of therapy to aid and support a compassionate reading of the heart and humans. The Heart itself is actually fluid at an early embryological stage and Michaels interview weaves a fascinating discussion of how life is expressed through the heart and how it can be approached in healing. 1 Hr
  3. Debra Pascali Bonaro – Pleasurable Birth Parts 1 and 2

Two practical, educational and inspiring programmes offering a rich resource in support of empowerment and freedom of choice for pregnant mothers and their partners.
 Sample Video

In Pleasurable Birth part 1

Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Director of the leading documentary Orgasmic Birth, teaches about the Language of Pleasurable Birth and birthing-without-fear. This video features Debra speaking about our cultural interpretations of birth verses the evidence-based care healthy MotherBaby model. Included is a demo of the Brazilian Mama Breastfeeding Doll vs U.S. Barbie Doll; the sounds of Pleasurable Birth; discussion about sexuality in childbirth and why we are we more comfortable with pain than pleasure. Other topics include: the mind-body effects of the Language of Birth being used; pleasurable birth environments at home or hospital; the role of the doula and other supporting women.

Debra demonstrates with her body, and the aid of her baby birth doll, positions that are beneficial for mother and baby during labor and positions and techniques for occiput posterior baby. Debra shares stories and images from women who birth-without-fear including her first-hand experiences at births in Mexico and Colorado and quotes from women who have shared their stories in response to Orgasmic Birth.

If you’ve never experience Debra in person, this excerpt from a UK workshop is a great opportunity to experience Debra’s natural speaking talents, humor, knowledge, and gentle birthworker insights.

74 minutes, 2013.

In Pleasurable Birth Part 2

Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Orgasmic Birth Director, engages a classroom of workshop participants in lessons and practical hands-on experience that can help create a pleasurable birth environment filled with high levels of oxytocin and endorphins. Debra’s fun and engaging teaching style will guide you thru the basics of rebozo technique, acupressure, birth ball, and hip squeeze. Debra introduces symmetrical and asymmetrical labor positions, to help open the pelvis, thru use of the Rope and the Lunge.

Also, Debra shares about her personal and family experiences with birth, including the story of her first child’s birth. In this video, you will enjoy time spent with Debra as she teaches the basics of some birth tools and positions intended to provide comfort and encourage movement during labor.

Video also includes Debra speaking about a secret little something that you can pack in your birth bag- watch for the surprise!

66 minutes. 2013

Dr Sarah Buckley4. Dr Sarah Buckley Secrets of Happy Babies: (1Hr.30) 
Nature’s Superb Design for the Family
How Can We Give Our Children the Best Possible Start in Life?
Dr Sarah J Buckley MD (see also the superb: Undisturbed Birth by Dr Buckley)

What steps can we take, even before conception, to lay the foundations for ease and pleasure in parenting? How will Mother Nature’s superb design help us to care for our babies, and simplify issues such as sleeping and feeding?
Dr Sarah J Buckley MD, GP and mother of four, shares the science and wisdom of early parenting in this frank, fascinating and practical talk, recorded live in London. Intended to be accessible to parents.

Secrets of Happy Babies

Topics include:
• Preconception and pregnancy nutrition
• The ecstatic hormones of labour and birth
• Cord clamping, cord blood banking and Lotus birth
• Importance of the hour after birth
• Breastfeeding for young and older children
• Is it safe to sleep with your baby? And much more…

“Hoorah for Sarah Buckley! Her strong, authoritative voice is sorely needed…”
Ina May Gaskin, midwife and author.

MichelOdent20155) Michel Odent – The Place of Birth from Bacteriological and Immunological Perspectives (2016) 25 Mins
plus Cave Wisdom by Elmer Postle featuring Michel Odent (7 Mins)


6.) A Dialogue on Forgiveness
Tom Carpenter and Robert Holden, friends for over 20 years, engage in an illuminating dialogue that examines key principles and practices of forgiveness. Together, Tom and Robert show you how forgiveness can help to heal your relationships, transform your life, and discover your true purpose.

Tom Carpenter, inspired to create The Forgiveness Network, is a spiritual teacher and counsellor whose primary inspiration is the metaphysical text, A Course In Miracles and its Source. With
his wife Linda, Tom has published ‘Dialogue on Awakening’ and
CD’s of their work together. These products are available on their
websites: www.forgivenessmovement.org and

Sample video
Robert Holden, PhD is the founder of The Happiness Project
and author of many books such as Happiness NOW, Success
Intelligence and the recently published Be Happy. Robert is also a
coach and consultant to organizations worldwide as well as being
a student of A Course In Miracles. Visit www.robertholden.org and

Praise for ‘A Dialogue On Forgiveness’

“This profound and beautiful dialogue calls directly to the truth inside us and brings us quickly and clearly to an awareness that forgiveness is a different way of seeing the world”
Dr Anne Thurston, Director, International Records Management Trust.

“A dialogue that is both accessible and complex. Their love and appreciation for each other, and for the topic, touches the heart, challenges the mind, and makes you watch it again and again”
Duncan Coombe – International Leadership Consultant.

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