Rhythm of Life – Affirmations for Pregnancy


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Rhythm of Life 
Affirmations for Pregnancy
by Binnie A Dansby

Every woman wants to create the most loving, supportive and safe birth for herself and her baby. Giving birth is truly about letting go: physically and emotionally. Research in the field of pre and perinatal psychology has shown that we do remember our birth. That memory, held deep in the subconscious mind, together with outside influences and information about birth, can engender tensions and anxiety about what is ‘the most natural thing in the world’.

Binnie has been working with pregnant couples since 1980. The inspired and life-affirming message conveyed in this recording has been an integral part of joyful and successful preparation for labour and birth for thousands of mothers; empowering them to achieve the easy, ecstatic birth they wanted and deserve.

Made with an African ‘Mother Rhythm’ this recording was created to support movement and body confidence during pregnancy, labour and birth.

Track 1 Rhythmic beat with voice
Track 2 Music with subliminal message

Binnie A. Dansby – Voice, Tom Klower – Percussion, Sounds. Andreas Gligenberg – Flutes, Iam Brodersen – Keyboards, Written by Joseph Spear and Binnie A. Dansby, Composed by: Brodersen, Gligenberg, Klower.

© 2016 Binnie A. Dansby


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