Pleasurable Birth, Parts 1&2 with Debra Pascali-Bonaro


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These two practical, educational and inspiring programmes offer a rich resource in support of empowerment and freedom of choice for pregnant mothers and their partners.

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In Pleasurable Birth part 1

catch a glimpse of Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Orgasmic Birth Director, teaching and speaking about the Language of Pleasurable Birth and birthing-without-fear. This video features Debra speaking about our cultural interpretations of birth verses the evidence-based care healthy MotherBaby model. Included is a demo of the Brazilian Mama Breastfeeding Doll vs U.S. Barbie Doll; the sounds of Pleasurable Birth; discussion about sexuality in childbirth and why we are we more comfortable with pain than pleasure. Other topics include: the mind-body effects of the Language of Birth being used; pleasurable birth environments at home or hospital; the role of the doula and other supporting women.

Debra demonstrates with her body, and the aid of her baby birth doll, positions that are beneficial for mother and baby during labor and positions and techniques for occiput posterior baby. Debra shares stories and images from women who birth-without-fear including her first-hand experiences at births in Mexico and Colorado and quotes from women who have shared their stories in response to Orgasmic Birth.

If you’ve never experience Debra in person, this excerpt from a UK workshop is a great opportunity to experience Debra’s natural speaking talents, humor, knowledge, and gentle birthworker insights.

74 minutes, 2013.

In Pleasurable Birth Part 2

Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Orgasmic Birth Director, engages a classroom of workshop participants in lessons and practical hands-on experience that can help create a pleasurable birth environment filled with high levels of oxytocin and endorphins. Debra’s fun and engaging teaching style will guide you thru the basics of rebozo technique, acupressure, birth ball, and hip squeeze. Debra introduces symmetrical and asymmetrical labor positions, to help open the pelvis, thru use of the Rope and the Lunge.

Also, Debra shares about her personal and family experiences with birth, including the story of her first child’s birth. In this video, you will enjoy time spent with Debra as she teaches the basics of some birth tools and positions intended to provide comfort and encourage movement during labor.

Video also includes Debra speaking about a secret little something that you can pack in your birth bag- watch for the surprise!

66 minutes. 2013


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