Undisturbed Birth – Dr Sarah J Buckley MD


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‘Undisturbed Birth:
The Science and the Wisdom’
Dr Sarah J Buckley MD
Can birth really be natural and safe
for mothers and babies?

How does the superb design of our female bodies enhance safety, ease and pleasure in labour and birth? Join Sarah as she explores the science and wisdom of the “ecstatic hormones of undisturbed birth” and their crucial role in birth, breastfeeding and bonding. Learn how common interventions such as induction with synthetic oxytocin, epidural pain relief, and caesarean surgery can interfere with these delicate hormonal processes, with potential negative effects for mother and baby. Discover how Mother Nature’s superb design continues during the hour after birth, and how we can optimise these enormous transitions for mother and baby. Sarah also discusses the ideal timing for cord clamping and the hazards of cord blood banking.

This DVD set is ideal for midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, obstetricians, and other professionals working with pregnant and birthing families. Expectant mothers and fathers will also gain a deeper understanding of the natural processes of labour and birth, and how their babies can benefit from Mother Nature’s superb design.

“Sarah Buckley is precious, because she is bilingual. She can speak the language of a mother who gave birth to her four children at home. She can also speak like a medical doctor. By intermingling the language of the heart and the scientific language she is driving the history of childbirth towards a radical and inspiring new direction.”
Michel Odent MD, author and natural birth pioneer

Sarah is a GP with training in GP-obstetrics; a mother of four children, all born at
home; and currently a full-time writer and educator on pregnancy, birth and parenting. Sarah’s work critiques current practices in pregnancy, birth and parenting
from a standpoint that includes scientific, evolutionary, psychological and personal perspectives. She is the author of the bestselling book ‘Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering’, with a new edition published in 2009. She lives in Brisbane, Australia.


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