Forgiveness – The Key to Happiness


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The Key to Happiness by Binnie A Dansby

A Course In Miracles says: “Forgiveness is the key to happiness. Forgiveness wipes away the dreams of separation and sin. Forgiveness sees that there was no sin, therefore releases it. Forgiveness is acquired. Forgiveness must be learned.” In this practical and effective recording Binnie invites you, under her gentle guidance and with a beautiful soundtrack, to enter into a state of forgiveness and release the happiness that has always been within.
These new choices, supported by the most essential of life’s energies, the breath, can literally recreate the foundation of your personality and produce tangible, life enhancing results in daily life.
Track 1. The Morning Prayer (7 mins)
Track 2. The Process Forgiving (38 mins)

Binnie A. Dansby – Voice, Stefan Fub – Piano, Hans-Peter Pelzer – Percussion, Wolfgang Gemmel – Guitar, Martina Wahn – Flute, HansKroitzch – Violin. Recorded and Mixed by Walter Quintus, Ztudio Zerkall, Germany

© 2016 Binnie A. Dansby – All Rights Reserved

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