‘The Healing of Birth’ by Elmer Postle


Select DVD PAL or NTSC 53 Mins plus 25 mins bonus interview with Michel Odent

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The Healing of Birth

Featuring Sobonfu Some, Joseph Chilton Peace, Barbara Findeisen, Dr Ray Castellino. This film explores the work of pioneering Pre and Perinatal Psychologists and indigenous teachers considering the consciousness of the infant in the womb and at birth. If we consider the young life as being a mature consciousness in an immature body how would it affect and change the way we think about our children, our own births and the way we birth? The film was made in California and completed in the UK in 2005. It has been seen by many in the birthing field and has been part of a shift in understanding of babies and mothers and the powerful forces at play in this most loving time. 

“This is an extraordinary film… and the director’s vision is truly noteworthy”
The Journal Of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health 

Now with Scandinavian Subtitles, an introductory booklet and an exclusive 25 min bonus interview (DVD only) with Michel Odent and Dr Marti Glenn.

The Healing of Birth

is about how an acknowledgment of the ‘psychological presence’ of the infant in the time prior to, during and after birth, can lead us into finding out more about ourselves and becoming more present for our children.

Praise for The Healing of Birth

“(The) film is tender and gentle, and the camera-work is excellent”. Sheila Kitzinger, internationally recognized author and activist on childbirth and women’s and human development. Recent books include : ‘The New Pregnancy and Childbirth’ and ‘Rediscovering Birth’.

“I enthusiastically endorse the film made by Elmer Postle on the psychology of birth. It is an interesting film and introduces in a dynamic way the key concept of the autonomy, sensitivity and intensity of the new baby. It is recommended viewing for all parents to be, as well as health care professionals involved with birth”. Mr Yehudi Gordon MB CHB, FRCOG FCOG (SA), British Consultant Gynaecologist, innovator & author of ‘Birth and Beyond’ (2004) & ‘The Encyclopedia of Pregnancy and Birth’ (1992, with J. Balaskas).

“It is a beautiful and very useful film. I love it and it gave me insights. Also, very moving. Thank you. “ William Bloom Ph.D, B.Sc, Cert. Ed.: Arguably Britain’s leading teacher, author, & practitioner of the holism movement; founding member of “Alternatives”, St James London.

“It is a great experience that should be seen by all expecting parents”. Lloyd DeMause: Director of the Institute for Psychohistory. Books include ‘The History of Childhood’, and ‘The Foundations of Psychohistory’.

“Intelligent and Inspiring”
BBC Storyville

“A Great Watch”
Channel Five’s Science editor


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