Human Baby, Human Being Conference



Pregnancy and Birth from the Baby’s perspective
Two days – June 2019

Saturday 8th June 2019

‘What matters is for babies to be able to have their stories heard!’
This was the biggest take-away for me from the ‘Human Baby Human Being’ Conference in Bristol June 2019 which I saw through the camera lens. There were a great series of presentations about different facets of what it means to be present to babies and the experience of coming into the world. Over and again the touchstone was: how can we make space in our lives and in our inner worlds to receive the clear communications babies are making? Or will make if we are listening! It was a superb event, with a lovely sense of mutuality and joy – something so essential when working with experiences that can shape a life.
Elmer Postle
Director – Whole Being Films
1) Keynote:  ‘From Womb to World – the Journey that Shapes our Life
Anna Verwaal
More than three decades of research in the field of pre and perinatal psychology and health shows that the most critical formative period, and the difference in ‘thriving or surviving’ between birthdays goes back even earlier than birth.
NB: Some still images have been excluded from this presentation for copyright reasons and availability is not guaranteed.

2) ‘The Collective Psychological Dimension of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology
Ludwig Janus
The research conducted by prenatal psychology into psychological and emotional experiences before and during birth has led to the discovery and recognition that human cultural artifacts and activities have to some extent always expressed prenatal and perinatal feelings.

3) ‘Prenatal and Birth Experience – Shadow and Potential
Cherionna Menzam-Sills
Shadow leaks into our lives, unconsciously affecting our perceptions, thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, relationships, bodies and personalities. Much of pre- and perinatal therapy orients to the traumas and challenges of our early experience. How can we access and embody our original embryological potential?

4) ‘Perspectives on Mental Health Care for Babies
by Binu Singh
Research and clinical experience shows us the huge impact of stress during prenatal period, birth and early childhood on physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being throughout life. Investment in prevention, early detection and intervention for mental health problems is very cost-effective during this period for the individual as well for the society.
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5) ‘When does Prenatal Experience Begin?
by Jenni Meyer
What is consciousness? Is it local to an individual? At what stage does a person’s consciousness start to engage with experience? There have been many reports from people who have regressed as far back as preconception, of their felt senses & memories.

6) ‘Self-attachment and Inner Security’
by Thomas Harms
In this presentation Thomas Harms will show how body-oriented strengthening of the self-attachment – process of the caregivers can help to overcome vicious circles within pre-, peri- and postpartal crisis of parents with their un- and newborn children.

Sunday 9th June 2019

7) ‘Relational Feeding – the Journey from Womb to Breast
Kate Rosati
This talk will explore the experience of the baby in utero and how this experience may impact on the baby’s desire /ability to breastfeed in the early days.

8) ‘
Good Baby Syndrome – A Legacy for Life
Matthew Appleton
The association of ‘quiet baby’ with ‘good baby’ reflects unconscious cultural attitudes that puts increased pressure on parents and seeks to diminish the expressiveness of babies. Babies are fully human from the beginning and seek empathic contact for their inner emotional life, including their distress.
NB: a video has been excluded from this recording for copyright reasons.

9) ‘Genetics, Epigenetics and the Trans-generational Transmission of Trauma
Thomas Verny
Epigenetics explains how experience writes on our bodies and minds through changes in the way genes express themselves in response to environmental factors. Genes don’t make us who we are. Gene expression does. We are architects of our own lives more than we realise.

10/11) ‘Demystifying the Practitioner Experience of Working with Babies’ (two presentations) by Kate White & Judy Terwilliger
In these presentations, baby bodyworkers Kate White and Judy Terwilliger will team up to share experiences of their private practices that explore situations when working with babies where practitioners may have a choice in approaches.

12) ‘Creating a Human Being’
by Klaus Käppeli
Children and parents having chosen the way of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) gain experiences, which are different from those of natural conception. The children are growing and carrying these experiences in their lives. Are we ready to listen to them and to support what they need?

13) Panel discussion with all the presenters moderated by John Wilks


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