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These seven recordings are based on key life-affirming statements called Archetypal Affirmations. They are the work of Binnie A Dansby, a pioneering breathworker and the creator of Source Process and Breathwork. Binnie guides us through a process of nurturing the truth about ourselves. These recordings enable us to revisit and heal ideas that are not working for us as well as address key human concerns that we be safe, supported, in connection, choice and in love. We can use these recordings to help us orient to what is truly healthy for us.

source-meditationIncluded are the three pregnancy and birth titles: Having a Baby is the Most Natural Thing in the World, Source Meditation, Foundations for Life and Rhythm of Lifehaving-a-baby-smThousands of women worldwide have used these recordings to support their knowing they are in choice and deserve the easy, joyful and even ecstatic birth they want and deserve. These are helpful resources for helping heal our deepest beliefs about life whether we are in the pregnancy and birth time or not.rhythm-of-life
heart-awakening-smHeart Awakening is a ‘deepening’, a meditative process; one of those most popular with Binnie’s students, it helps us reconnect and heal our relationship with our own child within. forgiveness-smThe Process Forgiving on the Forgiveness, the Key to Happiness recording (including the Morning Prayer) is a truly profound process of enabling this most universal and important of spiritual practices. A Course in Miracles says: ‘forgiveness is the key to happiness’.  Listen to this daily, for a month and watch your life change!  the-breath
The Breath
helps us to connect with the life force that was here before us and will be here after us, that universal respiration and connection to all of life through the air we breathe and exchange with other living beings. love-smAnd Love underlies it all. At the base is Love – reminding ourselves of the words we may most want to say and want to hear – ‘I love you’. These are meditations you can play daily or on repeat to support the integration of the ‘archetypal’ affirmations.

This set is available on CD, MP3 and Memory Stick (MP3) and the recordings are also available singly or as part of the Pregnancy and Birth set.

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